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Never go there.The financial department are all crooks and thieves.

One of the financial reps is fernando amorim, and is by far the biggest crook in the world. I purchased a new Honda and my payment was suposed to be less than $300.00 with my down payment. I took the car home and by next week I find out that my payments were going to be almost $400.00 because he added a bunch of crappy warranties, and then he said it was bank demanded so I could be approved. After reviewing the paperwork I noticed that everything was optional, and the bank had nothing to do with it.

It was all a scheme to get his commissions out of it. I went back straight to the dealers manager, and they refused to do anything because I had sign the contract.

Never go there.My loan ended up being more than what it was meant to be, and the extra interest I paid I will never recover it.


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